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Give us everything you want! Go for it. Show it. Let everything out. Don’t hesitate. This is your life, your time and most of all your divine now moment. So please give us all of your fascinating truth and love and light that you are! I AM !

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Begin The solution is this Strongly recommend to understand that we are inviting you to perceive us whole and complete as being true. Devine Sign for you as you do, we know, we recognize your truth right now and open somehow the lift for you. Gratitude! Pledge of Fulfilment and Care! We radiate our Chrystaline […]

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What Ascended Masters Have Taken Form? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Lakshmi ♥ Star Seed – Lightarian (TM) Rays Master-Practitioner – Reiki Kundalini Master-teacher – Spiritual Channeller – Lightworker :
****** What Ascended Masters Have Taken Form? September 16, 2017 By Steve Beckow What ascended masters have taken form? In 2013 I asked the question of Sanat Kumara and received a list of the ascended…

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Wilderness Source We want that extreme scene of rough entertainment being transmuted into light. A containment of articles that reduce the light inside ones being.   Deliberate yourself for health and gratitude towards all that is. Master pledge of myself. Happiness comes along the sun within gratitude towards all beings.

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